UPDATE(July 25, 2010) : Shellshock 2 Blood Trails review has been added in Xbox 360.

UPDATE(July 23, 2010) : My dear friend Alex has started a site of his own reviewing computers. Support him a bit at http://computerreviews.weebly.com/

UPDATE(July 23, 2010) : Soldier of Fortune Payback review has been added in Xbox 360.

UPDATE(July 21, 2010) : A whole new batch of reviews are coming your way! Getting a crapload of new games. Even a game that won't be released until September.

UPDATE(July 3, 2010) : Check out our new site for map making! And the Facebook page just for it!

UPDATE(July 17, 2010) : Delta Force Xtreme review has been added in PC.

UPDATE(June 5, 2010) : Splinter Cell Conviction review has been added in Xbox 360.

UPDATE(April 26, 2010) : Since the site has been pretty much finished, I've put in all of the reviews I had before I got here. YAY!

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