Well, this movie kinda blows. Remember that beautiful and fun game Far Cry with Jack Carver? Well, this movie has him. However, as typical with a Uwe Boll film, it massacres any chance the movie has of being good by wildly deviating from the source material, hence making this just another wanna-be good action movie. 

Far Cry... tropical islands. Should be beautiful, right? Well, for Jack Carver in the game, it should have been. However, when he's attacked and the woman he's with disappears, he takes up arms and looks for her while murdering mercenaries and mutants. That should have been the plot for the movie. What is the story now? Jack is suddenly a German ex-Special Forces dude (played by Til Schweiger) and he's with the woman (Emmanuelle Vaugier) the entire movie. What's more is that 30 minutes into the movie, he's already nailed her. Perfect, right? No, it ain't. Oh, and remember those mutants? Well, they've been replaced by super-soldiers. Oh, and the woman, Valerie Cardinal, is looking for her uncle. The story is just a stupid pile of steaming dog crap for a half-baked action movie.

Oh, about that action. Well, you see about 2 or 3 explosions the entire way through, while the other parts consist of repetitive shooting and a mediocre chase sequence. That's basically all this movie has to offer with some funny parts barely lifting the movie's head above water. Basically, the only saving grace is a likable hero. Everybody else can't act and doesn't have much of a chance to do so with the mostly bad script. The occasional shaky camera brings things down, yet the camera also stays still at other times to bring the same issue back up.

I know this is a short review, but look, this movie has a lot of flaws (duh, it IS a Uwe Boll movie) and pretty much nothing saves it from mediocrity. Humor by the main hero may make you laugh, while the rest of the movie will make you want to ball your eyes out, and not in a good way.

Score: D-