In the 80's, Sylvester Stallone had two hits that are definitely the most memorable of the 80's films. Rocky and Rambo. Rambo (aka First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III) had the action and chest-showing that people wanted. After a 20 year hiatus, Rambo returns in... Rambo. The question is, will the movie directed and written by Stallone be able to outdo the mediocre name? Well, yes.

Apparently, the story is quite simple. Burma is in the midst of civil war and Christian groups try to help people have better lives during the massacres and kidnappings that have become part of their everyday lives. As one group goes in, they are kidnapped and Rambo must work to get them back for the purpose of having a reason to really live. That's really as far as the story goes with the other part of the movie being action. You'll see explosions, fire, bullets, and a lot of blood. Don't expect slasher movie blood, though. But for war movies, this is likely the most bloody one I've seen to date. And it is awesome.

As in the first movie, Rambo doesn't really talk much and usually reserves speech for his face. When he does talk, it usually involves the word "fuck" as it is probably his favorite word. That being said, the movie is gritty and dark. In many ways, it reminds me Call of Duty World at War, in that the way you knew Rambo (and the CoD series) isn't what you see. Instead, you see a darker, expletive-filled bloodbath that should give you some satisfaction... given that you don't get queasy at that stuff.

The camera work in this movie is simply fantastic, as it stays nice and stable while providing a good view throughout the entire film. speaking of the film, it really isn't too long. It clocks about an hour and a half, which is fairly disappointing considering how much I like this movie.

Don't get me wrong, the movie isn't a masterpiece. For instance, the unrealistic flavor of the movie doesn't quite fit what was probably meant to be more realistic. Are you telling me that he can sneak up upon a leader of the Burmese army and several soldiers while holding a machine gun and wearing boots without making any noise? This is just an example of that one fault, with a few more instances making me say, "What?!". Still, there really isn't too much more after that to really cause a problem, but those problems take away from my experience with the movie.

However you see Rambo, this is a good movie. If you like explosions, watch this. If you like blood, watch this. If you like Rambo, watch this. Hell, if you like any action movie, you should watch this. The movie was great and entertaining. What more can a non-reviewer ask for?

Score: B+