Rebellion is not a newcomer to video games. They have made several successful games, most notably the Aliens versus Predatorgames. However, in recent years, they have been doing poorly. Rogue Warrior takes that statement to the extreme. Masochists could buy this game. Others... not so much.

   Rogue Warrior takes place in late 1986 during the Cold war. Navy SEAL Dick Marcinko has been sent in for a simple operation, only to have his team killed as he goes it alone. As the story goes along, he travels between Korea and Russia trying desperately to save his beloved United States of America from being bombarded by Soviet missiles. I'll tell you right now that I make this story sound much more interesting than it really is. The story has eight missions, each of which take 10-20 minutes to complete. I completed he game twice within 4 and a half hours. Sad, I know.

   Of course, everything else is off too. The shooting mechanics don't always shoot where you want it to, your enemies don't say too much, there is only a small handful of weapons in the game, the stealth is quite off, cover mechanics suck anus, graphics are some of the worst graphics I've seen on the console, the enemies are about as smart as two piles of crap mushed together, and nobody plays the multiplayer.

   Strangely, there is some good things about it. For starters... um, the foul language sounds funny when Dick says "Fondle my big, hairy balls, you cock breath, commie mother fuckers." Of course, it just sounds all the more awesome when Mickey Rourke does it. The credits have an awesome rap song that includes all of the foul dialogue that was "noteworthy."

   While it does almost everything wrong, I actually had a small bit of fun while playing Rogue Warrior. It was definitely there, and it was probably the only good this game has. For you gamerscore whores out there, take note. Every single-player achievement was easy to get and gave me enough motivation to continue playing the game. Complete the game on Regulars and that's a quick and easy 50 for you.

   It's quite the rental, especially since you won't have any motivation to go to multiplayer. While it is very hard to recommend this game, I'd say its worth it just to hear the the song and get the achievements. Other than that, this is one of the worst games I've played on a console, and maybe in my entire life. It had the potential to be much more, yet Rebellion seemingly used it as a tiny rebellion against good video games.

Score: 1.25