The first Sacred was not the best RPG on the market. It never was and it never will be. Sacred 2 puts that thought right back in your mind, but not without giving you a (somewhat) enjoyable experience along the way.

   Sacred 2, like most other RPGs, starts you off with a character select screen. The races are completely forgettable, but each has its own talents and such. You can also pick the Light or Dark campaign, which affects the dialogue and the special talent you receive from one of the Gods. Powers seem useless most of the time and they take too long to recharge for you to care. You might as well stick with the normal attack. Anyway, you start out in a different place depending on you class, but really, what's it matter? All that happens is you go outside and kick bunches and bunches of anus.

   So, you know the drill. You kill things, gain experience, level up, repeat about a hundred or so times until you get bored. You can also take any one of the humongous assortment of quests to partake in and get some quick XP. I didn't really focus on these quests because they are always stupid fetch quests or they fall under the "kill this many woozles" variety.

   It's at least a good thing that you'll be killing some horrible AI in average environments with an OK soundtrack. Otherwise, you'd get bored even faster than you would think. This doesn't get the "dark and fun" crap from Diablo. Instead, you get bright, sunny locales that get boring after seeing the same grassy knoll a billion times, but whatever. At least it looks kind of pretty.

   I know, this review is a bit small, but that's all I have to say about it. It isn't like you haven't seen the same stuff a hundred times before. This game doesn't even do everything the way dozens of others have, and that hurts the experience. However, for those of you that are (strangely) tired of Diablo or Torchlight, this is the game for you.

Score: 6.75