Torchlight, to those of you who don't know, is a awesome Diablo copy-cat. It feels like Diablo more than it does it's own. It definitely has some differences, but the mastery of that awesome Diablo gameplay is what will get some Diablo fans spending 20 bucks on.

   First off, let's set aside the differences. There's one dungeon, which is randomly generated, a pet, a fishing activity, and one town (Torchlight, duh). The pet is awesome, because it not only fights by your side, but sells the things in its pack while you're hacking away at the monsters in the dungeon. It is a useful thing when you're wanting to kill the next hundred or so monsters and level up. The only thing I was disappointed with, was the fact that the pet can't buy stuff, which would have been mighty useful. Other than that, there's nothing really different than Diablo, except the art style, which shows some cartoony, stereotypical characters.

   Now, I thought Torchlight was even more fun than Diablo. There's something about the leveling up and looting that just feels more fun than Diablo ever achieved. Of course, this is just my opinion. The skill trees offer interesting, useful abilities that you'll continuously level up throughout the game, and this game is pretty damn big. The story itself should take you about 10-20 hours, depending on the difficulty and your skill. Of course, there's plenty of side quests that should take you a long while to finish. Plus, you can max out at level 100. Add that to each class and you've got at least 90 hours of gameplay. AT LEAST.

   The sound quality is fantastic. Remember Diablo II, that game no one played? Yeah, well this has most of its sound effects. I turned the music off, mainly due to the fact that I don't like music in my games unless its Fallout or Painkiller. The graphics are just fine as well. It doesn't try to be Uncharted, yet it doesn't even attempt to be Diablo II. The art style is a nice part of the gameplay, and it should keep you content the entire time you play this awesome package.

   For $20, Torchlight gives you a long, fun, and just awesome RPG that even battles the value of Diablo. It is available on Steam, so you guys should go buy it as soon as you can. This is just one awesome package that you simply can't refuse.

Score: 10